Holly and Heather’s Weekly Handy Hint: Positive Outlook

by helpinghandstwins

This week’s blog is dedicated to our Uncle Richie.  Some people have so much adversity to overcome….

Have a positive outlook!  Our world presents us with so many negative images and information in the media from newspapers to televsion and the internet.  How do we keep our heads up when it feels like we’re constantly bombarded?  In order to do good in the world, a positive outlook is essential for putting that loving energy out to all we encounter throughout the day.  Cheerfulness and love are contagious!   A few things we like to do to stay positive are: Sit quietly first thing in the morning, before turning on the tv, computer or opening the newspaper and put our good intentions for ourselves and those we love out to the universe (call it meditation, call it prayer or whatever else you like).  Make eye contact with those you meet throughout the day and smile (this can be tricky – we live in NY!).  Have a long term vision of what you would like for your life and keep that vision in mind throughout the day.  Talk to someone close to you if you’re having a tough day – your friend, sibling, parent or spouse.  We like to talk to each other if we have a problem.  It always helps us feel better when we share and it clears our minds to focus on good things!  What do you like to do to maintain a positive outlook?  How do you try to put good intentions out to the world?