Holly and Heather’s Weekly Handy Hint: Start a Garden!

by helpinghandstwins

Spring is in the air and with warmer weather comes the urge to sit outside with a glass of iced tea and a good book.  But when you look around your backyard, do you see a whole lot of work to be done? What better way to beautify your space than to start a garden? Neither of us has acres of land for planting but we love to grow veggies so container gardening has become a big thing. Usually we start from seeds and there are companies that sell packets catering specifically toward growing in containers for small spaces. We like to grow cherry tomatoes and cucumbers and lots of herbs like basil, parsley and dill.  Food is so tasty when you grow it yourself and it’s free of pesticides.  We also buy some wildflower packets and put them in pots now so when the summer is here our backyards are in full bloom and pretty color! Consider planting a small tree in a corner of your yard for a boost to the environment as well as something else to admire while enjoying the outdoors. Give in to that urge to sit outside and relax, taking in the sights & scents of spring. That old saying “stop and smell the roses” is definitely true!