Holly and Heather’s Handy Hint: Better to be Kind than Right

by helpinghandstwins

We are sure you, like most of us, would like a little more peace in your life. That can be affected the most by our relationships with others.  Sometimes we have little squabbles in our day to day lives: someone says something to us at work, we have a disagreement with a friend or family member that literally give us knots in our stomach.  That stress can really affect your well being. What can we do to instill a little peace in our lives when things can be so off-balance at times? We try to remember that, in many situations, it is better to be kind than right.  As we have mentioned before, being twins we were raised with most things being equal and fair, which gave us a unique sense of justice.  We strive for harmony and peace which isn’t always easy.  We often dispute this point with each other: when do you assert your truth and when is it better to just swallow the wrong for the sake of peace?  On the one hand, being honest in relationships is crucial for compatibility but what if there is no solution to a problem?  Instead of burying it, can you just let it go?  It can be difficult when something really bothers you, but are you bothered more by the unharmonious relationship? It’s hard to brush a problem under the rug but also hard to air your grievances and argue. Sometimes there is no easy solution.  Sometimes you can agree to disagree.  We like the idea of trying always to be nice to each other and honest, but not to the point of hurting one’s feelings. Reaching out to your friends and family in that way can be rewarding and go a long way toward your personal peace and happiness in relationships with others. What do you do to that end?