Holly and Heather’s Handy Hint: FAQ’s of Twins!

by helpinghandstwins

We are devoting this week’s blog to dispelling some myths and stereotypes about twins. As identical twins, we have had a lot of curious and funny encounters with people over the years. When we were kids, people staring at us always seemed strange but then sometimes we would see a set of identical twins and stare as well! We get that identical twins are a bit of an anomaly and the media sure can hype it up: good vs. evil, creepy or glued at the hip without any individuality. We do have a bunch of “coincidental things” that have happened…once when we were about 5, we were eating spare ribs and complained that we had a piece of meat stuck in our teeth. Our mom helped us with the floss and thought it was hysterical that we had the same hunk of meat caught in the exact same tooth!  So here is a list of some of our most frequently asked questions.  We hope this helps de-mystify myths about twins through our experiences. Hopefully we don’t wind up perpetuating the stereotype!

Q: When you look in the mirror, do you think you’re looking at her?

A: We never think that! But we have to say when we look at childhood pictures of the two of us together, sometimes we can’t tell who’s who.

Q:  What’s it like to be a twin?

A: We don’t know any differently. To us it feels just like having a sibling, we only have each other; this is all we know.

Q: If one of you gets punched in the arm, does the other say oww?

A: No!  Don’t try to kick me; trust me it won’t hurt her!

Q: Do you dress alike?

A: Our mom dressed us alike when we were little but as soon as we were old enough to pick out our own clothes we always picked different things. Once in high school we went into our separate rooms to get dressed and when we came out we were wearing the exact same things.  We yelled at each other,  “You change!”… “No you!”

Q: Did you ever fool people or play pranks?

A: A couple of times.  We switched classes on April fools day in high school, but only our friends laughed because none of the teachers noticed.  In college once (yes we went to the same university!) a girl Holly had a class with, not knowing she had a twin sister, came up to Heather in the cafe and started up a friendly conversation.  Heather, knowing full well she probably knew Holly, played dumb and said “Who are you? I’ve never seen you before in my life.”  The girl was so scared and thought Holly had amnesia!

Q: What about with guys?

A: When we were younger, we could never fool a boyfriend in person, but we did trick them over the phone. Our voices sound exactly alike. That was always good for a laugh, they would get so frustrated!

Q: Do you have the same friends?

A: Currently we live in different towns so we have a lot of different friends, but growing up we had many of the the same friends. Birthday sleepovers were always enormous! Note to parents with kids going to a party for twins: a gift for each is better than 1 to share! 😉

Q: Do you get along or fight? Are you close?

A: We are best friends!

Q: Do you have the same thoughts? Can you read each other’s minds? Do you have esp?

A: No, but sometimes we will be strongly thinking about each other and will call to see if all is ok.  Sometimes something big is going on and sometimes it’s nothing. Emotionally, there is an instant reaction when the first “hello” is said, we can tell if something is wrong.

One last thing we’ll tell you, we both married men named James!  Do you a have a “twin” question for us?