Holly and Heather’s Handy Hint: Happy Father’s Day!

by helpinghandstwins

This weekend is Father’s Day & we would like to wish our dad, as well as all of the dads out there celebrating, a happy one! We will be taking our dad out to dinner, one of his favorite pastimes! Sometimes fathers can be hard to shop for, but ours, being a busy provider and always working while we were growing up, really appreciates the gift of our time.  We hope however you celebrate, whether it’s remembering your dad, acknowledging a father figure in your life or appreciating the father you have (including our husbands who are terrific dads!) that you have a joyful day!  Happy Father’s Day Dad!  We love you!!!

A Father’s Day Tribute….

F ulfilling endless obligations quietly

A huge sports fan

T ruly unique individual

H ome is a comforting place to enjoy good company

E njoys fine dining

R egards family as the most important thing in the world

Love, H & H