Holly and Heather’s Handy Hint: School’s Out – Do Good With Your Kids!

by helpinghandstwins

School's Out

Summer is here…yes!  For us, having school-age children, it means a nice break from the routine of the school day, homework and after school activities.  Summer brings a welcome freedom for kids and a great opportunity to grow & learn in the “morals & values” department!  We have lots of fun things planned this summer from camp to vacations, but during some care free time, we like to teach our kids the importance of helping others and being thankful.  We have some great ideas to try whether you have a pre-schooler or college age student.  Spending time together doing good is very bonding and helps create those lasting memories that children will take with them into adulthood.

* Volunteer together. We went to the local food pantry and bagged groceries.  As we put cans of veggies, soups, tuna fish and pb&j into bags, we talked about the smiles families would have when they came to pick up their food and all of the satisfying meals they could make.

* Make a memory book.  We love to scrapbook, and what a great way to preserve all of your summer time memories while spending time together on a fun project. If someone in your family is not that crafty, have them in charge of the picture-taking.  Everyone will enjoy looking at the book when it’s finished & talking about the photos!

* Have family bonding time. We take walks, ride bikes, play made-up games in the pool and have dinner outside together.  Sunday night fire pits and homemade ice cream (or running for the neighborhood ice cream truck!) are all things that create those loving memories and teach our kids to be truly thankful for family & remind us all to be thankful for each other.

What are your ideas on spending quality time doing good with your kids this summer?