Holly and Heather’s Handy Hint: Nourish Your Body; Dance for Exercise!

by helpinghandstwins

Part of living a good, healthy lifestyle is incorporating exercise into your routine. Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated so why not try something fun instead of jogging on the treadmill? We are life-long dancers and we don’t mean the club hopping, partying kind. Tap, jazz and ballet are traditional forms of art that are both fun and a workout. We have been taking classes and teaching dance our at our mom’s studio our whole lives and can tell you first hand the physical as well as mental benefits of dance. There is nothing like a good piece of music and a nice stretch to get the blood flowing and mind clear. Try a ballet class for beautiful classical music and great discipline for your muscles. An hour-long jazz or hip-hop class will give you so much energy while burning calories and having fun all at once.  Dancing with a group of people to choreographed steps is a lesson in working together as well as an accomplishment of all that you have learned.  Dancing releases all of those feel good endorphins that nourish your mind and body.  No matter your age, try a class.  You may find it a great way to stay in shape!