Holly and Heather’s Handy Hint: Go with the Ebb and Flow

by helpinghandstwins

We live near the ocean and love going to the beach in the summer. There is something mystical about the water – watching it, hearing it, immersing yourself in it. Is it any wonder they use the sounds of the ocean on relaxation CD’s? Watching the tide come and go can be a magical experience. This got us thinking about the comings and goings of life – relationships, jobs, homes, vacations, experiences that may last for a short while or a lifetime.

We believe in the “seasons” of life, the idea that people and things might come into our lives for a reason and then go. We might not realize the reason for it at the time.  It might be painful when they leave us or a relief that a difficult time  in our lives has passed. Try to go with the ebb & flow of life.  Look to embrace the future; new possibilities…new beginnings. It is hard sometimes when we look back at the past with longing or regret. How beautiful would it be if we could all just acknowledge what was, good or bad, and move on. Maybe we have been made stronger in unexpected ways.  Perhaps we could see something valuable in the experience and smile to ourselves.  For surely we know a new tide will once again return.