Holly & Heather’s Handy Hint: Back to School Days!

by helpinghandstwins

This week is back to school time for our kids and a fresh start for us as well. We try to look at this week positively and hopeful for what’s ahead this year but we really love summer time too and all that goes with it. Relaxed days, routine free weeks and lots of beach, pool and bbq fun make it hard to go back to the school schedule. Let’s take the month of September to settle back in rather than an abrupt end to all that fun! The weather’s still great so we will try a few things to make the start of a new school year a little easier like: doing homework outside – the backyard table and chairs are perfect for studying and reading, shop for new clothes next month – summer clothes may even hold out ’til October!, eat outside – keep the bbq going for dinner (some of our friends grill year round). Back to school days are a great time to renew friendships and delve into interesting classes with a renewed spirit; hold on to that summer feeling at the same time!