Holly & Heather’s Handy Hint: Healthy Eating is the Way to Go!

by helpinghandstwins

There has been such a big change in the last few years for a call to go back to good, wholesome, real food. When we were growing up in the 70’s, tv dinners were king, along with lots of food in a package or box and plenty of soda. Today we hear a lot about the farm to table movement and organics. Our food has changed so much in the last 60 years and some of that change is really hurting our bodies. With obesity and so many diseases on the rise, it’s time to reassess what we put into our bodies everyday. We have a choice every time we put something into our mouths and need to realize we are feeding our cells, blood and vital organs.  When we eat better, we feel better and we act better.  Who wouldn’t want that?

We hear it a lot but it’s worth repeating that fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans and lean meats are the way to go. Cut back on sugar, soda and processed foods, you’ll feel so good.  If you’re going to have dessert, have the real thing. Better to have something sweetened naturally than with chemicals.  In our houses, we always have a little something sweet around, especially for the kids.  If you deprive yourself, sometimes you wind up going overboard the other way, so have a good bar of dark chocolate in the house or better yet, make something from scratch using fresh ingredients.  Chances are if you only eat sweets you make, you’ll have a lot less of them because it’s time-consuming!  For a few more healthy eating suggestions all week long, here are a couple of good hints to try:

* Take some time one day during the week for prep work, literally cutting up and cooking whole food. Buy some hearty vegetables that won’t go bad quickly such as broccoli and carrots and cut them up.  Save them to use in meals during the week or as healthy snacks for munching on in between meals. Boil some chicken, brown rice and whole grain pasta (toss pasta in a little olive oil so it doesn’t stick together). Put everything in individual containers in the fridge and assemble things together on different days during the week.  Just heat up and toss in a few herbs or spices for some healthy dinners that are already cooked such as a chicken, broccoli & rice stir fry.

*Open a few cans of beans like kidney, cannellini and navy beans, toss with some olive oil, onion powder & dill and throw in the fridge for a filling side.

*Buy frozen fruits that you can put in the blender with some almond milk for a quick smoothie.  Strawberries, blueberries and peaches are great and also make tasty additions to cereal & yogurt.

* Remember to drink plenty of water to keep things flowing smoothly in your body.

The idea here is a little preventative medicine. Be mindful of what you eat & feed your family.  Take a healthy approach to nourishing your body!  There are so many more things you can do…please share your ideas for healthy eating!