Holly & Heather’s Handy Hint: Welcome Autumn!

by helpinghandstwins

We live in New York and fall is in full swing over here! Just walking through our neighborhoods is glorious this time of year; wearing a sweater, enjoying the festively decorated homes, the beautiful blue sky and colorful foliage on the trees. What could be better? So this week we thought we’d write about some things we love about autumn and pass on a few ideas to help get everyone into the fall spirit!

* Instead of putting a traditional fall wreath on your door, look for a horizontal gathering of twigs at a local store. Get some mini pumpkins and gourds, eucalyptus sprigs and faux fall leaves and intersperse them between the twigs. You can hang it on a wreath hanger on your front door.
* Our very crafty mother who loves to sew made us fabric pumpkins this year. She cut three pieces of orange and three pieces of green fabric and alternately sewed them together as if making a ball. She then stuffed it, sewed up the opening and added a felt green “stem” on the top – too cute!

Fun Around Town:
* We love to go apple and pumpkin picking! There are some wonderful local farm stands and apple orchards close to where we live. We make a day of it by grabbing some delicious in-season eats (local roasted corn, homemade strawberry lemonade with big pieces of fresh strawberries and lemon, warm baked pie) and spreading out a picnic blanket in the grass to enjoy the fare. Then it’s on to hay rides, pumpkin picking and visiting the farm animals. A stop by the apple orchard is a great way to round out the trip!

Get in the Spirit:

* Heather’s son’s birthday is in the fall so the house is brimming with Halloween themed cupcakes and funky skeletons.  Our basement houses lots of spooky decor complete with eerie noises.  Dressing up and going on haunted walks are part of the festivities.  Kids (and adults too) have so much fun this time of year!

How do you like to enjoy autumn?   It’s a beautiful season!