Holly & Heather’s Handy Hint: Make A Difference!

by helpinghandstwins

October 27 is USA Weekend Magazine’s annual “Make A Difference Day” and, according to their publication, it’s America’s largest annual day of volunteering. The idea is to volunteer in your community on that day, help others or the environment, be charitable for a cause! Lots of good things are going on in that spirit of giving and volunteering. Our kids’ schools are always being charitable even promoting a “random acts of kindness” project where students are encouraged to do good and share all of their ideas. Here’s what we’re doing: Our dancing school is putting a box in the waiting room for donations of canned goods to feed the hungry.  After we fill the box we will bring it to our local church for their food pantry.  There are so many ways you can help out, big & small.  Here are a few ideas to make a difference in your community:

* Donate your old coats and/or winter clothes to a homeless shelter.

* Volunteer your time to clean up an area of your community such as a beach or a park.

* Make a visit to a nursing home and spend time with the residents playing a game or reading to them.

* Walk to raise money for or bring awareness toward an important cause such as cancer or Parkinson’s disease.

We’d love to hear your ideas too.  Please consider volunteering this month, it’s so important and you’ll feel good knowing you helped make a difference!