Holly & Heather’s Handy Hint: Peace

by helpinghandstwins

In keeping with this month’s blog posts and the spirit of the holiday season, this week we would like to promote peace. Peace in your life for your well-being!  We are trying hard not to get caught up in the hustle bustle of doing and focusing more on what’s important to us. Here are some hints to that end, in lieu of stressing out and not just trying to cross endless items off of our to-do lists.

We are not going to giant shopping malls, fighting for parking spaces or waiting on long lines in hot stores with cranky shoppers. Instead, we are shopping off hours or on-line to avoid the craziness or even getting creative and making presents. Remember it is the thought that counts when it comes to gift giving!  Spend your time wisely, not traipsing to endless parties but celebrating with those truly close to you. Find peace in the mundane while making out your holiday cards or wrapping gifts by putting on some Christmas music and having a cup of hot chocolate. It won’t feel like you are just trudging thru another thing you have to do. Bake and decorate when you have the time and energy to enjoy being able to eat your goodies while admiring the fruits of your labor. If you are too tired to go somewhere or do something, don’t.  Put on a holiday movie and stay home with your family. That’s how we are truly trying to enjoy our Christmastime this year. We wish you joy & peace this holiday season!