Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Unplug

by helpinghandstwins


Electronic media pulls at us incessantly. That constant need to check our e-mails, text messages, Facebook page, etc. and reply, respond, comment; it all gets a little overwhelming sometimes. The thing is you don’t have to keep up with any of it minute by minute or even hour by hour.  We are advocating for you to unplug from your electronics every now and then. We do it all the time – limited or no computer on the weekends, cell phone off at 9 every night. It feels great and if anyone needs us urgently, they will call on the house phone. When you unplug from the outside world for a few days or even a few hours it relaxes your mind and lets you de-stress. That message waiting for your reply can just about always wait a day or two. People have their cell phones in their hands constantly (we admit to being guilty of this!) and it can be a distraction to being truly engaged with those around you.  Sometimes gadgets are used to “check out” of a social situation and more often than not, it’s rude to whomever you are with. Give others your full attention; your time together is precious. See how good it feels to let go of it all for little bits at a time. To anyone who may think, “Why have they not responded to my message?”…we will.  We have just unplugged for a little while!