Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Internet Protection for Kids

by helpinghandstwins

So this is probably a little controversial but what do you think about trying to regulate the internet for children under 16? Sounds impossible right? Kids would certainly not be happy about it, but we don’t think it’s an impossible task. Here’s our take: We all know the internet is full of great stuff and has, in many ways, changed the world but there is an equal amount of bad.  For children with their growing opinions, observations of life, innocence, vulnerability and lack of foresight, the internet is downright dangerous. We could list a myriad of potential minefields they are exposed to, from predators & scams to cults, bomb making & violence; the list is probably endless. Our country has laws in place protecting our children from drinking until 21, driving until 16, making the decision on whom to vote for at 18, why not include the internet? At one time, those things were probably thought impossible to regulate but now it’s just a given that these laws are in place.  Sure if someone underage really wants to do something illegal, they will find a way.  But why make it easy?  That shouldn’t be a reason not to try.  We acknowledge kids need their computers for school work, that is the norm now. But they are subjected to so many other things via the internet. With all of the geniuses and computer wizards working on the next great thing, why not develop software specifically designed for just what they need?  Manufacture a computer with technology capable of meeting their needs without access to adult content.  Challenging, yes.  Impossible, we hope not.