Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Relationships 101

by helpinghandstwins

How do you feel when there is a rift in communications in one of your relationships, and that person tells others of your situation? How do you defend yourself when the other person is only hearing one side of the story? What if that person is not being truthful? Or maybe to them they are but your truth is different and they do not infer your tone or feelings correctly?

When this happens it can be very hurtful.  We have all been in one situation or another where we’ve had to air out problems to a third-party. While gossiping goes against our spirit, sometimes we do need to talk to someone when something is bothering us. How do you handle it?  Do you go to the third-party and try tell to your side of the story? Or do you just let it be and pray for peace?

Ultimately, we don’t think you can ever really have fairness in these situations; people can say or do anything they want, to whoever they want. It’s hard not to let it bother you but what it really comes down to is that you just have to be yourself. If you keep being the same, good-hearted person you are trying to be, people will realize you are to be loved for who you are, not for what others say or think about you. Others should not judge you based on someone else’s story, and if they do, then maybe that relationship needs re-visiting. There are always two sides to every story and we should be careful to remember that.  For us, it always comes back to the bigger picture: be kind, say your point of view if you feel you need to, let go, and always be yourself.