Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Diffuse Your Triggers

by helpinghandstwins

Just about everyone has an issue or something they are trying to work through in their lives. When you have had a problem with someone or something from your past or present, it can be hard to truly let go and get to a place where thinking about it doesn’t bother you. Certain things in life can trigger that problem or painful memory and bring old hurts to the surface over and over. How do you diffuse that trigger and get to a calm, centered place about a situation which is long over or one you may have no control over? Lots of people pray, just give it up to God. Meditation is helpful to bring your mind to a peaceful state. Sometimes it gets better over time.  You may notice instead of brewing over something for weeks, you’ve forgotten about it after a few days. That’s progress. It’s nice to get to the point where, when a feeling is triggered, it just rolls right off your back with not so much as a passing thought. Hopefully you can get to that place. Ultimately, it all comes back to the big picture: remember what’s important in life. Go to that place in your mind and heart that’s good for you.  Forgive in your own way, let go, have peace in your life.  Either work it out or don’t, but shake the dust from your feet and move on.