Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Laugh It Up!

by helpinghandstwins

There is a famous quote we’re sure you’ve heard, “Laughter is the best medicine”.  There are lots of studies and articles written on the health benefits of laughing; it certainly is stress-relieving. When was the last time you had a really good belly laugh? Not just a little chuckle, but actually lost your breath laughing so hard? Sometimes when we get together as a family, the smallest thing can make us laugh. The world is so serious (and so are we sometimes!) that is feels good every now & then to take a break from worrying or re-living a problem in your mind and just have a good laugh. Here are some fun things we like to do that always make us smile:

* Go see a comedian. Recently we went to see Jerry Seinfeld.  He & his opening act, Tom Papa, were a riot!  Two hours of laughing!  We have a lot of local comedy clubs in our area, but if you don’t you can watch a stand-up routine on television. They are hysterical!
* Get together with some friends or family and just have fun. Invite people over that you are close to so you don’t feel self-conscious about relaxing (and possibly snorting or crying with laughter!). Some of their stories are the funniest!
* Rent a classic sitcom or movie from your library and just escape into silliness.

It is important to lighten up every now and then and have a good belly laugh.  It feels so good!  What makes you laugh?