Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Summer of Volunteering!

by helpinghandstwins

Summer is here and hopefully with it brings a great chance to do some good in the world and volunteer! Giving back to your community or helping those less fortunate is so important. It’s not just good for others, it will give you a spiritual and mental lift that you carry out into the world. A win-win! We’ve noticed a trend toward some of today’s graduates who are putting volunteering on the top of their priority lists.  Not only does it look great on a resume, helping to increase job hiring potential, but it also gets kids out of their hometown bubble, enabling them to see the world, see the need and hopefully be inspired to make a difference in the future.  How great is that?

We try to volunteer on a regular basis, here are some of the things we do and will be doing (with our kids too!) this summer:
* Clean out your bookshelves. We’ve recently donated to our local elementary school and to an outreach program.
* Have your kids volunteer to be counselors at a camp. Ours love it.  It  gets them out in the fresh air, being role models and teaches them a little about work and helping others.
* Work at a food pantry. Although we donate canned goods throughout the year, rolling up your sleeves and actually packing groceries to feed the hungry is very rewarding for all involved. Even just putting in 1 hour, once a month helps.

Whether you like to help out with animals, plant some trees or read to the elderly, summer is a great time to volunteer.  The need is always there, usually right in your backyard.  We hope we’ve helped inspire you to get out there and do some good! What tops your list for volunteering?