Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Stay Cool

by helpinghandstwins

Here in the Northeast, we are definitely in the “dog days” of summer. We are smack in the middle of an official heat wave with temperatures nearing 100 degrees today. What’s a person to do to survive these sweltering days? Well, we have a few helpful hints to help you keep cool:

* Visit your public library. It’s free, air-conditioned and good for your brain. Take the kids and make it a family affair.
* Make slushies. Crush some frozen ice, add a little juice of your choice and shake well. They definitely beat the heat.
* If you don’t have a pool or can’t get to a public one, run through a sprinkler. Sitting in the yard is definitely no fun on these hot days but sitting in the yard under a sprinkler is fun and refreshing 🙂

Take it slow on hot days and drink plenty of water. We all know to keep an eye out for small children, the elderly and pets but don’t forget about taking care of yourself as well.  How do you help to stay cool in the summer?