Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: The Art of Relating

by helpinghandstwins

There is a dance to conversing and relating with others – a give and take. When that becomes one-sided, it throws off the harmonious balance in a relationship.

Sometimes there is a talker; one person who wants to tell every detail of what’s going on in his life.  All of his stories are important and there is no room for you to interject in the conversation.  Then there is the listener.  She wants to hear everything going on in your life and asks you lots of detailed questions but never herself will share her stories.  Also in the mix is the person that will confide in you in private, or that person with whom you can have really great one on one time doing things with, but she can never let the public know you are friends.  There are no pictures of you together or comments on social media; being ignored in a group when “better” people are around.  What is wrong with all of these pictures?

All people have their quirks, their baggage, something they bring to the table that prevents them from being themselves – past hurts, a fear of sharing or an eagerness to overshare and be heard.  It’s time to break free of the social ineptitude and just be yourself.  Like someone if you want to or choose not to invest time in the relationship.  Acknowledge friendships all the time, not just in certain settings.  Be a good listener and share your feelings with others.  Maintain the balance, as best as you can, in all of your relationships, the give and take.  We all need each other; let’s be loving.