Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: “Me Time” is Healthy!

by helpinghandstwins

Do you take some time for yourself every now and again? Do something you really enjoy, just for you? Sometimes we can get caught up in the daily stresses of life, caring for our families, households and jobs and neglect to do something just for ourselves every once in a while. We feel guilty taking some “me” time when it’s not benefitting anybody else. But we shouldn’t feel guilty.  Recognize that it’s actually good for others when we focus on our own happiness now and again. You are a better parent, spouse and friend when you do things you enjoy.  You have more patience and an elevated mood and that in turn puts positivity out into the world.  It is healthy to take a little time for yourself, necessary for your mental well-being & happiness.

So, what to do if you only have a little time here and there?  Get into a good book, take a walk or see a movie.  How about the next time you go to the grocery store you buy something that you love to eat, even though you usually don’t because no one else does?  Don’t you buy everyone else their favorite snacks?  Why not yourself?  Finish or start a fulfilling craft or do-it-yourself project.  If you have a little more time, make an appointment for a day at the spa.  Take a class in something you enjoy, just for fun, be it photography, cooking or yoga.

It’s nice if you can find a little time to carve out for yourself everyday but if that’s hard, try at least once a week.  It’s important to re-charge & re-fresh.  Don’t feel guilty about focusing on yourself, know that your happy mood will be carried out in all of your interactions in life!