Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Work With Integrity

by helpinghandstwins

There are many ways you can serve your community. We mostly think about volunteerism when we think about public service. But there are many jobs in our communities that are funded by our tax dollars. This week’s blog is not about different ways to serve but about how you serve and the way you treat people.  This week’s blog is written by Holly and based on an experience she had earlier this week.

We feel that when a person accepts a job offer and begins that career, they should do it well and to the best of their ability. Between us, we have had some of the lowest paying jobs you can imagine (not enough to even provide a living wage). We have also had some higher paying jobs at different points in our lives. No matter what the income or work responsibility, we always work with integrity. This is something our father and mother taught us. Conditions might not always be perfect, but once you say “yes”, work hard and work kindly.

Public servants, we feel, have a great responsibility to do their jobs honestly and fairly as they work and sometimes even live in the communities in which they serve. We say, if you don’t enjoy working around people, maybe you should re-think what you are doing. Taking out your frustrations with your job or your salary on the people who come to you for your service is wrong. We don’t like being talked rudely to or justifying a certain position we may have within our communities because a disgruntled employee on the other end of the conversation is unhappy. We don’t deserve that – no one does!

If we all try to live and work with integrity, maybe it will be contagious. And maybe “do unto others as they would do unto you” will make our collective communities stronger and kinder.