Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Marital Bliss

by helpinghandstwins

Finding that special someone to share your life with can be tough.  A blending of personalities, morals, values, shared financial views, intimacy, religious beliefs, child-rearing expectations – all compatibility traits needed to make a happy union.  This week’s blog, keeping the happiness going with your significant other, is written by Heather.  Holly wrote last week – we are taking turns at the end of the summer these last 2 weeks to allow for a little unplugging time for each of us!

We hear experts from time to time say that having a strong marriage is a lot of work.  While being in agreement with that, it shouldn’t be so hard all the time that you are missing out on the joy & the love.  Marriage is a give & take, shared responsibilities, creating a life together with a common goal of looking out for each other.  It’s healthy to do things together, but also separately.  Everything in moderation.  Even arguing is sometimes necessary to air out things that are bothering you.  Problems swept under the rug can fester and breed resentment.  Ever hear an old married couple, when asked about the secret to being married for 50 plus years, give the following advice: “We never went to bed angry.”  Well, sometimes that’s impossible – especially when you’re tired at night and irritable; you’re in no mood to compromise or see the other person’s point of view!  We love the saying “agree to disagree” around here!  When you wake up, the day is anew, you have fresh perspective, and a much better frame of mind to discuss a big topic.  Always keep communications open; that is so important.

These are some things to keep on your “happily married” checklist:  Make time for just the two of you – once a week, once a month, a get-a-way once a year, anything to focus on your couple time.  Discuss the future – where you want to grow old together, things you want to do, vacations you want to take.  Check in with each other during the day while you are working or running errands, even if it’s just a quick call.  Let your children see a united parenting front, healthy for all involved!  Keep the “I love you’s” flowing freely, and the hugs!  The power of human touch is very bonding, even just sitting close together on the couch while watching tv or reading.

Anything you’d like to add to this list?

Keeping happiness in our lives with the person we have chosen to love and trust, has a connection to keeping happiness in our world – it helps you exude a contented and peaceful attitude in your interactions with others.