Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Create for a Cause!

by helpinghandstwins

Our family loves to make things. We scrapbook, sew, make wreaths and table runners but one of our favorite things to do is crochet. The tradition started long ago on our mom’s side and has been passed down thru the generations. We have even taught extended family members how to crochet and they love it! Making scarves is a great pass time for a winter project. For the price of a few dollars for a skein of yarn, you can make a custom colored, warm scarf for every outfit. But we only need so many scarves, right?! So here’s what we did last year and we’ll do it again this winter – make a bunch of scarves and donate them to the needy. It’s fun and easy and doesn’t take much time. It’s very rewarding to create something and even more so to give it to someone so appreciative. Sometimes our scarves get so big we turn them into shawls or small blankets. Give crocheting a try; make a scarf for someone who needs it, it will make you smile!