Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Have a Holiday Party!

by helpinghandstwins

Nothing lifts our spirits like a festive holiday party this time of year. Now is the perfect time to start planning a celebration before all of the craziness of the holidays are fully under way. We’ve hosted shopping parties, perfect for gift giving and open houses with appetizers, drinks and desserts. One of our favorite gatherings to plan (and attend!) is a cookie and ornament swap party. Basically you have each of your guests make a batch of their tastiest cookies (some people buy them if they don’t have the time to bake – that’s good too) and bring one wrapped ornament.  Put out a few app’s and some drinks, your house is probably already decorated, and that’s it – it’s a really easy party!

When guests arrive have them put their cookies on a big table.  To swap ornaments, place numbers in a hat for as many guests as you have and have everyone choose one.  In numerical order, each guest chooses and opens a wrapped box.  After the first person goes, the second guest does the same but can decide if they want to keep the ornament they opened or steal someone else’s ornament.  If your ornament is taken, you can either steal it back (but beware, you can only steal the same ornament three times), take someone else’s or open a new one.  After everyone has had a turn, the first guest goes last as well so they can have a choice too.  It’s great fun to see what you end up with!

Now it’s time to swap cookies.  On your invite, have guests bring an empty container.  Guests can circle ’round the whole table of cookies everyone brought and take one or two from each platter.  Keep walking around the table taking cookies until they are all gone.  Your guests (and you!) will have a great variety of cookies to bring home and enjoy or save for company.  What a great way to leave a party, with a beautiful ornament and a tin of delicious cookies!  Invite your friends and family, pick a date and have fun!