Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Give Thanks

by helpinghandstwins

Thanksgiving traditions are as unique as we are. Although many celebrate with a big meal, watching football and gathering with family and friends, others spend the day in a different way. Service is a big part of Thanksgiving for those who wish to volunteer at a shelter or a soup kitchen. There are people who are grieving this time of year as well and wish to spend the day quietly without a lot of fan fare.

This year, our traditional family gathering of around twenty-five or so people will be pared down to a much smaller number, probably nine or ten. Familial obligations around the country keep us separated in space but not in our hearts. We will give thanks for all of our family near and far and recall fond memories of the past while creating new ones as well.

One tradition our family enjoys is to go around the table, right before we eat, and one at a time state something that we are thankful for. Then there is usually a volunteer to pray. We like to remember our grandmother’s prayer on Thanksgiving: “Be present at our table Lord, be here as everywhere adored, give us Thy grace and grant that we, may feast in Paradise with Thee.”

What’s your Thanksgiving tradition?