Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Give the Gift of Yourself

by helpinghandstwins

We make all kinds of lists this holiday season: lists of special food items to buy, shopping lists for family members, to do lists of things that need our attention around the house.  There seems like so much to do that stress management experts suggest you take time for yourself as well and remember to enjoy the moment.  While those things are important, we are suggesting another type of giving this year – giving of yourself!

There are so many ways to do this without feeling taxed or anxious about it.  A phone call to a distant or lonely relative doesn’t have to take much time out of a busy schedule.  Making something special like cookies or a fun craft to give to another or donate is also sure to help you keep the holiday spirit alive.

Here are some things we are doing this month and maybe will inspire you too:

Collecting toys for the needy to donate; crocheting shawls and scarves for the sick; fulfilling Christmas wishes of those at our churches who are less fortunate than we are; spending time with our families at holiday gatherings; calling loved ones who live far away just to say hi; sending Christmas cards and writing a personal greeting in each one; and doing anonymous “good deeds” for those with whom we live like secretly making their bed for them or leaving them a special note on their pillow.

Gifts come in all sizes and shapes especially when they are people!  You are a gift in this world…share yourself as best as you can.