Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Remember the Lonely

by helpinghandstwins

This time of year is joyous and fun and festive. It’s a time to be with family and friends, exchange gifts and share a meal. In many households there is only a party of one, either by choice or a variety of other circumstances including empty nest. The kids have all grown up, moved away and begun families of their own. We all know a friend or relative who is living alone and they are living very full, happy lives. A wise woman once said to us, “I am alone but I am not lonely.”

There is, however, something about the holidays that can make living alone a little more difficult this time of year.  Maybe it is due to memories of a full house, small children excited to open presents or loved ones no longer with us.  We ask you today to think about those who are by themselves year round and invite them to your holiday festivities.  Both of our grandmothers, who lived alone, would sleep over our house on Christmas Eve and partake in all of our celebrations while we were growing up.  How great it was for us as kids to have them there and now as adults to have all of those wonderful memories.  Another thing you could do is to invite them to come along with you to your house of worship.  And there is always room for one more at the dinner table, right?

We would love to hear ways in which you include those in your life who live alone.