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Month: February, 2014

Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Let It Out

In life, there are moments when you need to express your emotions, good, bad and indifferent. We are taught at a young age (especially boys) that you always need to put on a happy face in the world.  Don’t cry, don’t get overly excited, calm down, what will people think if they see you like that?  Of course you can’t go around the office sobbing or laugh uncontrollably in a religious setting but sometimes it is ok, even necessary to let it out, especially in the privacy of your own home.

Last week we lost another beloved member of our family very suddenly, we are all experiencing  grief on top of grief.  We call each other often for comfort and support and tell ourselves it is ok to let it out.  Why do we always feel we have to push our emotions down?  When you fully express yourself, whether it’s a fight with a loved one – in a healthy environment of course, falling down with laughter or a good cry, it is cathartic.  No one wants a moody person around all the time but allow yourself moments of emotions when they bubble up.  Get it out.  Fully express yourself.  In a little while it will pass and you will be healthier for it.

We’d like to dedicate this blog in loving memory of Jean…

Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Be Kind, It’s Not that Hard!

We heard a story today about the actor, Michael Landon, who described how he got an idea for a television show while sitting in horrendous Los Angeles traffic on a hot day. He said that people were screaming at each other, cursing with their windows rolled down and he thought, “Why is everyone so angry?” He wondered what the world would be like if everyone put as much energy into being kind to one another as they did being angry. It was here that he conceived the idea for his popular television show, “Highway to Heaven”, hoping to put some good, positive energy out into the world, using his experience as a metaphor.

This made us think about our reasons for starting this blog – so similar to Mr. Landon’s! Wanting to use a medium that frequently has so much negative commentary on it in order to spread goodness. And how can we spread that kindness concretely in everyday life?

Take a breath. Everyone gets angry and usually for good reasons. But don’t let your frustrations get the best of you to the point of forgetting who you are. Calling someone – a stranger no less – stupid (or worse) is not to be taken lightly. Our words have meaning and once out there can not be retracted. Who knows what that crazy driver is going through or how much adversity anyone you encounter may have endured that day. Take a deep breath, try to be grateful for having a car or being able to go out, and diffuse your frustration with a little perspective. It could be all that’s needed to spread kindness and patience that moment.

Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Start a Club!

We’ve all heard of different clubs you can join, a book club, a writer’s club, an investment club. It’s fun to get together with friends and share an interest and good conversation. So how about starting a club of your own?  Here’s an idea for a club that we think would be fun: A Healthy Eating Club! Ok so it’s not exactly dessert club but here’s the idea – Instead of inviting just the girls or couples, invite whole families. Have each family make one dish, big enough to feed a crowd but it has to be healthy. Some guidelines could be nothing processed or from a box, no white sugar or red meat. Make vegetables and whole grain pastas the goal. Try a bean salad or a dairy free dip. If you’re going to make a dessert, have fruit be the star and use honey or maple syrup as the sweetener. Have guests bring copies of their recipes so if you really like something you can try it at home. We suggest picking a Saturday night every other month so it’s not too overwhelming. Maybe the healthy eating will get you talking about other healthy endeavors…walking club anyone?

Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Walk On

Walk on.  Our mother’s words at our uncle’s funeral.  Our family and extended family is still adjusting to life without his presence here on earth.  The void in our lives is very fresh and the hole in our hearts will never be filled but we must walk on.  That is hard.  We are sad.  He lived his life with zest and humor and  no matter what happened he would keep his head up and keep moving forward.  For you that may be appropriate for this time of year, a month after New Year’s, moving forward with your goals and dreams.  For us and our recent circumstances, it seems fitting as well.  Put one foot in front of the other.  Don’t lose sight of what’s important.  Hug your loved ones.  Enjoy each moment. Walk on.

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