Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: The Uplifting Power of Music

by helpinghandstwins

Ever have the radio on and a song comes on that you love so much that you can’t contain yourself from jumping up and dancing or belting out the tune as loud as you can?  Perhaps a song triggers a flood of happy memories from the past, bringing you right back to a certain moment in time.  Music is powerful and shouldn’t be discounted in the quest for peace and happiness in our lives. It brings people together for weddings and backyard bbq’s and lots of fun times in life. We grew up in our mother’s dancing school, being exposed to every genre of music from classical to jazz, rock & roll, pop, broadway show tunes, hip-hop, country and polka’s.  It taught us an appreciation of and love for so many different artists.  Even dad loved to play his stereo as loud as possible just for relaxation and enjoyment.

No matter what is going on in life, maybe you’re sad, having a party or just cleaning the house – put on your favorite song.  It will instantly uplift your spirits and spread a little joy in your life.