Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Sacrifices

by helpinghandstwins

We all give up something from time to time, whether we want to or have to.  That’s just part of life.  In an effort to do good in this world, sometimes it’s our time, sometimes our talent and sometimes our treasure that we give from.  This is a sacrificial time of year from a religious perspective. Many people are giving up something for the purpose of renewal and positive change in their lives.  If you are a parent, you sacrifice year round for your children.  We spend many a day watching the clock so we are not late picking them up or taking them somewhere. We give up going out on weekends and spend time watching their favorite show with them or helping them study for a test.  A positive perspective for looking at ways in which you sacrifice is knowing that you are doing good for someone else.  We thought we’d share ways we sacrifice, not just this time of year, but on a regular basis in the hopes of inspiring our readers to write about their experiences as well.

Our time:  We like to volunteer at our local churches.  Many houses of worship have so many charitable endeavors to choose from.  We have both taught religious education on a weekly basis (that is a big time commitment and a lot of work but very needed!)  We help out at the food pantry bagging groceries.  We also volunteer at the homeless shelter making food and setting up beds.  When the kids were younger we helped out with their boy and girl scout troops regularly and at school for the parent teacher organizations.  We also take time each year to clean out our closets and donate clothes.

Our talent: We are crafters at heart and love to crotchet blankets and scarves to donate to the needy.  As young kids our mom took us with our dancing school classes to nursing homes to perform for the residents, and with our own children we have brought them there to sing during the holidays and make cheery cards in the summertime.  We have also cooked and made various goodies for fundraisers.

Our Treasure:  Donations run the gamut from Heifer International to cancer fighting organizations, asthma research to veterans and animal shelters.  Please be sure to research your charity so you know your donation is going to a reputable organization and doing the most good.

We have done many of these things over time and we know that everyone makes sacrifices big and small each day.  We hope that you see yours as a way of giving and doing something positive for someone else and that you may be inspired by our choices as well to help spread goodness in this world!