Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: If I Could Just Close My Eyes…

by helpinghandstwins

A family debate recently ensued regarding going to the doctor. One family member commented that the dentist was the most feared doctor to visit. Another decided that, hands down, the eye doctor was the most dreaded. This spurred on a discussion about both doctors.

On the one hand, many people are phobic about going to the dentist: needles, pain, numbness, and a myriad of other reasons attribute to this fear (you can add your own in the comment section if you’d like 🙂 ). There are even ads on tv about sedation dentistry.  The eye doctor had almost none of these associated hardships, so why the dread? You can’t close your eyes. At a routine eye doctor visit, you are forced to see it all. At any other doctor, you can meditate, shut your eyes, imagine you are somewhere else, breathe through any pain or discomfort you may experience. But not the eye doctor. Those pressure tests (not the puffs of air but the machine that actually touches your eye) cause white knuckle gripping of the chair and a few, “Wait, just give me one more second” of nerve-steadying deep breaths.

So this got us to thinking about how difficult it is to face our fears. Stare them down, look them in the eye, confront them head on what ever they may be. What if we could just close our eyes through all the bad times?  Would that make them more tolerable? Is it just about getting through the difficult situation or learning, growing, becoming stronger or somehow better for it?

As to the doctor debate, most people would argue that going to the dentist is a more painful experience than the eye doctor.  What do you think?