Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Perspective

by helpinghandstwins

Sometimes “stinky” stuff happens in life.  Try as we may to keep a positive attitude, things happen beyond our control that can really bring us down.  It is difficult to remain joyful on the inside when there is disharmony on the outside.  We don’t think that being “happy” 24/7 is the answer or even very realistic.  We can’t force a feeling no matter how badly we may want to in the moment.  For us, this is where perspective comes into play.

Perspective makes us realize that circumstances could be worse.  Even if they are terrible at the moment, taking a bigger look at our lives or the world around us to recognize a glimmer of hope – maybe for the future – can bring the here and now back to a better place in our minds.  Like that old saying, “Put yourself in their shoes,” when we think of others, our focus shifts from self to other.  Yes, things may seem dark today, but they could be darker.  Our mother used to always say, “There will always be someone richer than you and someone poorer than you; someone sicker and someone healthier; someone bigger and someone smaller…” and so on.  And these ideas are not meant to make one feel mediocre or as if they are living life in comparison to others (see blog 5/22) but to put one’s thoughts into perspective for that moment.  Putting our difficulties into a larger perspective can help shake that “stinky” feeling life can throw our way.