Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Indulge, A Little

by helpinghandstwins

Are you watching every penny you spend? Counting every calorie of food you eat? Giving yourself restrictions about something all day long? Most people are on some sort of financial budget; we can’t spend money like we just won the lottery! And almost everyone we know (us included) watches what they eat. It is good to have limits and boundaries that keep us secure and healthy.  Certainly if you have any type of addiction, total abstinence is the only way.  But if that is not the case, every now and then it is ok, maybe even necessary, to indulge a little. If you always deprive yourself of buying that new outfit or having a piece of pie, there just may come a day when you can’t resist temptation and wind up eating the whole pie instead of having just a slice.  If you are following whatever guidelines you have set for yourself, allow one day of the week to have that sweet treat or buy that bauble.  Moderation is key here.  Give it thought, don’t make a spontaneous purchase.  Have your eye on something and really enjoy it.  Sometimes going through life constantly depriving yourself can be draining and if you know that a special occasion is coming up, allow yourself to have that great dessert.  That little reward can be very uplifting.