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Month: October, 2014

Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Fall Cleaning

With the cooler days approaching, our attention turns from keeping the outsides of our homes beautiful to the insides of our homes. Many people think of this time of year as “nesting time” when we prepare to spend many days indoors during the winter months. We prefer to look at it as a time of renewal and beautification; if we have to look as these same four walls for the next four months (at least) every day, why not spruce them up? If you have a lot of money to devote to a home project, that’s great. If you don’t, here are a few ideas that we are doing this fall that may inspire you:

*Clean out your basement. As the kids are getting older, the catch-all for baby toys has seen its day. Why not put an old chair or loveseat down there (as Holly did) and have the kids pitch in to help purge younger toys and books for a more tween/teen vibe?
*Paint one room (as Heather did). You will be ecstatic over the dramatic difference wall color can make. Even removing the pictures on the wall just to rearrange them will give the room an entirely new feel.
*Buy or make throw pillows, curtains, placemats or table runners (as our Mom did). Mom always buys the cutest seasonal fabrics and frequently changes her decor with her new creations. They make any room festive and cozy.

We may be preparing to hibernate for the long winter, but why not have a little fun while we’re doing it and enjoy our “new” caves?  Any other ideas from our readers?

Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Let’s Make a Difference

October 25th is our nation’s 24th annual Make a Difference Day. Started by USA Weekend Magazine in collaboration with other organizations, this day calls to action volunteers for community service.  Millions of people across the country will volunteer their time to help make this world a better place.  There are so many things you can do to help out in your community; many will be cleaning up local parks and community centers.  Either join a group or form one of your own!  To find out more information regarding volunteer efforts near you, search “Make a Difference Day” on line.  We can all help!

Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Help Fight Hunger

Today is World Food Day, a day dedicated to help fight hunger throughout the world.  Heifer International is one of many organizations devoted to the cause.  We’ve mentioned them in the past.  Their mission is to help those in need by, among other things, promoting family farming and purchasing farm animals through donations to help end hunger and poverty. They have a “pay it forward” attitude whereas those given a cow, let’s say, will breed the animal and pass the offspring along to someone else in need. They can use the cow’s milk for their own families and also sell it for income.  Heifer also teaches farming practices and sustainability to empower people to prosper on their own.

We encourage you to think about the hunger that may be present right in your own neighborhood.  For under a dollar you can buy a can of veggies or soup and bring it to your local food pantry.  Every little bit helps.  Even one small thing goes a long way toward making a difference.  It is sad to think of anyone going to bed hungry.  Please consider helping out however you can, even with just a prayer.

Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Fall into the Spirit of a New Season

The fall season is officially here and it took us a long time to finally get out of summer mode (although the weather here in NY has been pretty great) and delve into a new time of year! While we love the laid back schedule of summer, fall brings so many great things to look forward to. Personally, we celebrate a lot of birthdays, but we also have many other celebrations coming namely Halloween and Thanksgiving and soon after we look forward to Christmas! Not wanting to rush anything along, the anticipation of things to come is half the fun. We recently read a magazine article on happiness that said the planning, preparation and anticipation of an event gives just as much joy to people as the actual event (it was a study about vacation happiness but we think it also applies here!)  There is so much to look forward to: pumpkin picking and apple pie a la mode, wearing that comfy sweater, family gatherings and cozy nights in on darker days with a movie or a good book.  Fall brings beautiful colors in nature, cooler nights and lots of anticipation of what’s to come.  Savor the season!

Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: What Have You Done For Good Lately?

The title for this blog should be sung to the tune of Janet Jackson’s popular 80’s hit “What Have You Done For Me Lately” (We realize that this is an old reference but we grew up in the totally awesome 80’s!) The point of the title is really to make you think about doing some good in the world…for others and for yourself.  A happy person wears a smile that brightens everyone’s day!

In a couple of weeks we’ll be blogging about USA Weekend Magazine’s Make a Difference Day which happens each year at the end of October.  Now is the time to think about what type of volunteering you can do to make a difference.  The day focuses on helping out in your community, but we also love to think about people making this world a better place in whatever way possible.

Please share any thoughts or ideas you have for volunteering.  Tell us – what have you done for good lately?

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