Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Fall into the Spirit of a New Season

by helpinghandstwins

The fall season is officially here and it took us a long time to finally get out of summer mode (although the weather here in NY has been pretty great) and delve into a new time of year! While we love the laid back schedule of summer, fall brings so many great things to look forward to. Personally, we celebrate a lot of birthdays, but we also have many other celebrations coming namely Halloween and Thanksgiving and soon after we look forward to Christmas! Not wanting to rush anything along, the anticipation of things to come is half the fun. We recently read a magazine article on happiness that said the planning, preparation and anticipation of an event gives just as much joy to people as the actual event (it was a study about vacation happiness but we think it also applies here!)  There is so much to look forward to: pumpkin picking and apple pie a la mode, wearing that comfy sweater, family gatherings and cozy nights in on darker days with a movie or a good book.  Fall brings beautiful colors in nature, cooler nights and lots of anticipation of what’s to come.  Savor the season!