Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Help Fight Hunger

by helpinghandstwins

Today is World Food Day, a day dedicated to help fight hunger throughout the world.  Heifer International is one of many organizations devoted to the cause.  We’ve mentioned them in the past.  Their mission is to help those in need by, among other things, promoting family farming and purchasing farm animals through donations to help end hunger and poverty. They have a “pay it forward” attitude whereas those given a cow, let’s say, will breed the animal and pass the offspring along to someone else in need. They can use the cow’s milk for their own families and also sell it for income.  Heifer also teaches farming practices and sustainability to empower people to prosper on their own.

We encourage you to think about the hunger that may be present right in your own neighborhood.  For under a dollar you can buy a can of veggies or soup and bring it to your local food pantry.  Every little bit helps.  Even one small thing goes a long way toward making a difference.  It is sad to think of anyone going to bed hungry.  Please consider helping out however you can, even with just a prayer.