Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Fall Cleaning

by helpinghandstwins

With the cooler days approaching, our attention turns from keeping the outsides of our homes beautiful to the insides of our homes. Many people think of this time of year as “nesting time” when we prepare to spend many days indoors during the winter months. We prefer to look at it as a time of renewal and beautification; if we have to look as these same four walls for the next four months (at least) every day, why not spruce them up? If you have a lot of money to devote to a home project, that’s great. If you don’t, here are a few ideas that we are doing this fall that may inspire you:

*Clean out your basement. As the kids are getting older, the catch-all for baby toys has seen its day. Why not put an old chair or loveseat down there (as Holly did) and have the kids pitch in to help purge younger toys and books for a more tween/teen vibe?
*Paint one room (as Heather did). You will be ecstatic over the dramatic difference wall color can make. Even removing the pictures on the wall just to rearrange them will give the room an entirely new feel.
*Buy or make throw pillows, curtains, placemats or table runners (as our Mom did). Mom always buys the cutest seasonal fabrics and frequently changes her decor with her new creations. They make any room festive and cozy.

We may be preparing to hibernate for the long winter, but why not have a little fun while we’re doing it and enjoy our “new” caves?  Any other ideas from our readers?