Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Common Courtesy

by helpinghandstwins

A little goes a long way when it comes to extending common courtesy. In keeping with the spirit of our blog in helping to make this world, our communities, our lives, a better place, practicing common courtesy is a must.

When at work, or anywhere for that matter, do you respond to people in harsh tones, completely unaware of how you may sound? Or maybe someone does that to you? What harm does it do to say “thank you” when someone has done something kind? Sometimes a kind act may not be recognized by the recipient who is just thinking inwardly.

Perhaps you have invited, texted or left a message for someone and it has been completely ignored. Of course there are extenuating circumstances, and sometimes people forget, but in general, when someone is thinking of you enough to reach out, it is only common courtesy to respond. Sure everyone gets busy but if we don’t take the time to acknowledge others, our relationships suffer.

Everyone has feelings and we try to remember that a smile can make someone’s day a lot brighter.  Let us all be kind to each other and please try to give a little common courtesy.  Thank you!