Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Fashion Matters

by helpinghandstwins


We are really feeling those winter blues here in the Northeast. The sub-freezing temperatures for weeks on end coupled with the seemingly endless snow has been a drag since the new year started. We are doing a few things differently this winter to help beat those “warmth and sunlight deprived” feelings. We offer some suggestions today that may help you get out of the winter doldrums as well ūüôā

The past couple of weeks we have been blogging about re-visiting your life and being the best that you can be – taking a good look at your health and finances in particular.¬† Today, we are imagining a goal-oriented mind, really taking to heart ourselves the advice we give.¬† With that in mind, how you feel on the inside should reflect how you look on the outside.¬† When your physical and financial life is on its way to being in tip-top shape, your outward appearance should be considered as well.¬† This is especially important if you have lost a few pounds this year and your clothes don’t reflect the changes your body is going through.¬† And what better way to get through the rest of this¬†hard winter than with a fashion update?

Giving yourself a mini-makeover this time of year can do wonders for your outlook.¬† Some of the things we’ve done are:

* Got a few highlights at the beauty parlor along with a new eyebrow shape.

* Bought new turtle neck sweaters at bargain prices since the bathing suits are already out.

* Wore different shades of lipstick and nail polish for a new look.

* Crocheted new scarves in fun colors to keep and give.

* Looked through the closets for a change in pocketbooks.

Updating your look doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming.¬† Just changing one small piece of your wardrobe or even putting on some hydrating body moisturizer this time of year can make you feel like a whole¬†new you!¬† Looking¬†good on the outside definitely makes you feel better on the inside.