Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Spiritual Matters

by helpinghandstwins

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To wrap up our series on attending to the important areas in our lives (health, finances, social, home), we’re focusing this week’s blog on the spiritual aspects of our lives.  By spiritual, we are not talking about any specific religions but rather your connectedness to a higher power.  Your belief in something more than what you see.  We believe in God and pray all the time for many different reasons, most of all for love, health, happiness and peace.  Many others look inward to stay centered and maintain a sense of harmony in their lives no matter what the outside world brings.

The belief in something more keeps you going, in good times and in bad.  A solid rock on which to lean if you are sad, a place to give thanks.  Maybe your spirituality sees a different picture.  Feeling a sense of peace with others to whom you are close or to your surroundings, maybe in nature.  Faith means different things to people.  You could have faith in your house of worship or in your spouse.  It is good to believe; it can give you a sense of purpose and calmness.  Let your spirituality do good things for you in your life.