Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Change Your Perspective

by helpinghandstwins

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Everyone has their own unique way of viewing the world. Thousands of factors contribute to this: upbringing, genetics, geographical location, finances and on and on. Even take identical twins, like us, who were brought up by the same parents, in the same environment, with the same set of genes and you still see how unique at times our views can be on a variety of topics.

Last week’s blog talked about holding fast to your dreams despite any naysayers that may come around. Our dreams are largely influenced by our past experiences – maybe things we’d like to explore that we’ve only read about or maybe making something better or different in our lives based on those past or present experiences. How we view our lives and the world around us, our perspective, can sometimes be narrow and feel limited. Two people standing together looking at the same sunset may each be thinking, “How beautiful”, or “How sad the day is over and I didn’t get to…”, or “This sunset would look better if I were standing on a beach in Hawaii”. You get the point. Taking a step back to broaden your perspective, and this may go along with maintaining a sense of gratitude or trying to have a positive attitude, can help you grow.

For us this week, we took a small trip to explore another state in our wonderful country. There is nothing like getting away from the ordinary days of life to see the world in a different way. Sometimes just leaving home for a day or two helps you appreciate what you have and also makes you think about making what you have even better. For the typical days, months and even years when you can’t physically get away, you can take a mental journey….thinking, writing, dreaming or just being…living in a state of mind that is peaceful and blessed.