Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: It’s OK to Cry

by helpinghandstwins


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Terrible tragedies have occurred this past week in our world. The earthquake in Nepal, the avalanche on Mount Everest, riots in Maryland. They are events that cause immediate reactions when seen on the news – sadness, outrage, disbelief. Do you find yourself choking back tears when watching the news or reading the paper? We certainly did this week. But why fight the tears? Why move so quickly to anger or judgment or even worse, complacency. What can we do about these tragic events? Well, crying is a good first start.

For us as we are sure for many, having a good cry is the beginning of change. Making a difference in this world, however small, can start with feeling, not fighting, your emotions. What are we so afraid of? Why repress your tears? And isn’t it infuriating when someone tells you to stop crying and settle down? Easier asked than done. We are so quick to quiet a crying baby because we don’t want them to feel pain or discomfort but when we are adults, we can regulate our own feelings and attend to our own needs. Crying is part of the process for many. Just as laughing can be cathartic, so can those tears be. Feel them and allow them to spur you into action for positive change.