Holly and Heather’s Helpful Hint: Shake It Up!

by helpinghandstwins

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Are you in a rut with anything in your life? Most of us live on routine schedules – work Monday thru Friday, grocery shop on Saturday…exercise class every Tuesday night…mow the lawn on Sunday…laundry on Wednesday, sometimes it is so darn boring! Of course routines are needed, even mandatory when you have kids (be home for the bus, time for homework, time for lessons) but year after year with the same schedule can make you numb.

Sometimes something not so great comes along that throws you for a loop, like car problems or the flu and all things come to a stop while you take care of the problem. But wouldn’t it be nice to shake things up a little on purpose for enjoyment?  Do you have to take vacation time every year in the month of February?  What about making something different for dinner?  How about taking up a new hobby?  Every now and again try to go out of your comfort zone and make a change.  Recently the two of us embarked on a new food journey and for us this is quite a change in lifestyle.  Eating different foods, at different times in different quantities may sound silly but it really upheaved our way of looking at mealtimes.  And having a goal of getting healthier is a bonus.

Change something in your life if you are in a rut or need a new outlook.  It can be refreshing and fun to shake it up a little!