Holly and Heather’s Helpful Hint: Celebrate Freedom!

by helpinghandstwins

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There will be plenty of 4th of July celebrations this weekend, and we have a lot of freedoms to be thankful for as we celebrate our independence.

Thinking about the big picture, of course we are always grateful for our everyday freedoms we have here in America and we honor those who fought and continue to fight for all that we have. On a smaller scale, we try not to take for granted the little freedoms we experience everyday like taking a walk or voicing our opinions, the freedom to live our lives meaningfully and happily.  On more of a thoughtful scale, summer time brings a different kind of freedom for most people – mental freedom. When you have kids on any kind of school schedule, it feels so good to be free from all of the time constraints (waking up at 6am, being home for the bus, running to dance lessons at 4pm – you know the drill!).  Many people have different work schedules in the summer or take lots of vacation time.  There is a peaceful feeling in the air this time of year, and hopefully lots of lazy days.

So happy 4th of July!  We hope you are enjoying and celebrating all of your freedoms!