Holly and Heather’s Helpful Hint: Summer Donations

by helpinghandstwins

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A lot of times when we think of donating items we no longer need, we think of giving blankets, boots and coats; winter items that are sorely needed by those less fortunate. That season also brings the holidays and society is awesome when giving gifts to children. In the fall we think clean up, in the spring it’s clean out but what about this time of year? The need just doesn’t go away. People that are struggling can definitely use your summer donations…here’s a few ideas:
A little boy may be getting assistance to attend summer camp but needs things like bathing suits, flip-flops and sunscreen. See what your kids have outgrown and donate.
A garage clean out this time of year could go towards any good cause – think bikes that are too small, unused pool toys or that kite that’s been in the package for 3 years that you never got around to using.
Any old luggage you no longer need, camping equipment, bbq’s, patio furniture, all great things to donate this time of year.
Don’t forget there is need in everyone’s neighborhood.  Your donations could be a treasure to someone!