Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Cheers to Mom!

by helpinghandstwins

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Last month marked the forty-first dance recital that our family has produced. It also marked our last. Our mother, founder of the studio, has decided to retire and we would like to dedicate this blog to her.

When mom first opened her studio in 1974, there was hardly any competition. She had students pouring in from all over our little suburban neighborhood. We grew up in that culture (we were five years old at the time). Dance was as much a part of our lives as eating, sleeping, going to school; we were enfolded into the daily routine of it all. Even on school vacations she rarely had a break. Mom, as any good business owner does, worked 365 days a year more or less. Some times were harder than others but there were moments of joy – priceless friendships made with memories to last a lifetime, trips to new places, exposure to decades worth of different dance styles and music, utilizing the creative aspect of ourselves to choreograph, perform and create.

So cheers to mom! It is not easy to keep a business going for forty-one years. She is now exiting the dance stage and looking forward to her next chapter. We love you!