Holly and Heather’s Helpful Hint: Long Live Summer!

by helpinghandstwins

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We have the back to school blues. The lazy days of summer are coming to an end. The freedom from schedules and time watching are going to be back before we know it. Ugh!! How can we transition peacefully back to the hectic way of life the next 3 seasons bring? Here are a few hints to keep the summer spirit alive:
Stay outside all thru the fall. The weather is still gorgeous in September and October.
Plan a winter vacation that is somewhere warm!
Take a breezy approach to your day every now and then – can the laundry wait while you lay outside with a sweater on and a good book in hand?
Plan for all of the holidays and celebrations that fall and winter bring. It gives you something to look forward to.

All of the seasons bring something special…but oh how we love those lazy days of summer.