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Month: September, 2015

Holly and Heather’s Helpful Hint: It’s the Little Things, Everyday

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In our efforts to lead kind, thoughtful, peaceful, productive lives, the two of us have a lot of conversations about many topics. They drift over a vast array of things: working out problems, sharing a joy, an ear to listen when all you want to do is vent, topical issues, dreams, family, friends, work, you name it. Sometimes our conversations are 10 minutes long when we are running out the door, sometimes they are 2 hours. Our husbands cannot understand when we spend a whole day together doing something and then get home and talk on the phone.  They say “what could you still possibly have to say to each other?”  What can we say, we are besties who have everything in common and still have a lot of differing opinions.

We help each other constantly so when a recent issue came to light about living life happily we both thought that one line we had during our conversation would make a helpful blog – It’s the little things, everyday.  Striving for the best in our relationships, whether it is at home, at work or socially, there is no big “wow” that needs to happen.  In other words, a fancy weekend away twice a year is not as good as an “I love you” on a regular basis.  One girls night out every 2 months is not as good as that constant friend who calls or texts regularly just to say hello and stay close.  Work is not as productive if there isn’t a “great job” while you are there or a colleague to offer support.

Of course it is hard to do these things on an everyday basis, but so necessary to try.  Like a flower that will wilt with no water or sunlight, we too need to keep those important feelings in our relationships alive with effort, kindness and caring regularly.  Little, easy, doable things are so important in relationships.  All the big things don’t matter as much without the little things.

Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Make Something New!


We are officially immersed in all that the “back to school” season brings. Instead of dreading the typical routines and all the scheduling this time of year brings, we are embracing the changes and almost viewing them as “New Year’s Eve” resolutions! Keeping with our “healthy living” outlook, we are re-energizing our usual routines. Trying new recipes feels right this time of year.

The temperature has officially dropped a bit here in the northeast and that led to us unearthing our crock pots this week from storage. But beautiful seasonal fruits and veggies still abound in the stores so how can we marry the desire to cook comfort food when we are still in the barbecue/grilling mindset? How about these ideas for a start:

Stuffed Peppers in the Crock (inspired by our friend, Melissa)

You’ll need: Six colorful peppers, 2 lbs. of chop meat, one cup of rice, a small can of tomato sauce and whatever seasonings you like.

Mix the chop meat, rice, a few tablespoons of the sauce and seasonings (we used onion powder, salt, pepper and dill). Cut off the tops of the peppers and scoop out the seeds and membranes.  Fill each pepper with the meat mixture and place upright in the crock pot.  Pour a little sauce on the top of each pepper.  Cover and cook on low six to seven hours until meat is fully cooked.


Then we got a bit creative!  We took the tops of the peppers that were cut off, dipped them in our favorite salad dressing, then breadcrumbs and baked them in the oven for 25 minutes on 375 degrees. Pepper rings!!

Holly and Heather’s Helpful Hint: Brighten Someone’s Day!

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We love anything that helps to make this world a better place – whether it is donating to a charitable cause, managing your relationships for a happy life, eating healthy (feel better, do better!) or just having peace in your day. Sometimes others are caught up in the stresses of life, as we all are from time to time, and could use a little pick me up. Maybe they are caring for a sick loved one or have a hard time at work; whatever the case it’s important to look outside of yourself from time to time and help those around you. Here are a few suggestions of little ways you may be able to brighten someone else’s day.  We have done all of these things and they are very much appreciated!

Send a “box ‘o cheer”  for no reason (we actually did this for each other). It included a dvd (The Wedding Date), dark chocolates and a magazine.  All very girlie stuff for an afternoon of relaxing!

Bring cards and crafts to your local nursing home.  Bright colored scarves and happy messages are the best!

Make fudge for your loved ones.

Pick up an elderly relative and take them out for lunch or even just coffee.

Whatever you choose to do, big or small, will definitely brighten someone’s day.  You never know who may need that every now and again.


Holly & Heather’s Helpful Hint: Savoring Summer

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How can we eek every last drop out of this beautiful season during the start of “back to school” and before all that autumn brings?  Can you tell from our last few blogs that we don’t want summer to end?!  Here are a few ideas that don’t include staycations:

* Take a day trip! Go to the town next door or even further and find some place new for lunch or dinner.

* Visit an amusement park. Good fun!

* Find a water activity to enjoy. Maybe you live near an ocean, lake or river. If not, public pools are a great way to cool off.

* Shop at the local farmer’s market in your community to feast on summer’s bounty. Then have a bbq!

* Go for an after dinner walk while we still have late sunsets and warm summer evening air to breathe.

Think about what you love most about this season and take advantage of as many opportunities as you can before Labor Day is here!

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